Vinyl siding comes in about five different grades for standard horizontal siding. We do not use the first two levels as they are cheap and flimsy. It’s like rating a movie… 1 star is flimsy… a 3 star is average…. a 5 star is a premium panel… So, we insert the 3, 4 & 5 star prices into your homes measurements and let you decide what siding is the better investment.

At American Accents we pride ourselves on excellent service and craftsmanship. We put the word “Accents” in our name because we can give you brand new design features that will transform your home. After all, that’s the fun part.

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Note: All photos on this website are real customer projects…there are NO cheater pictures from manufacturers’ brochures.



Vinyl siding comes in about five different grades for standard horizontal siding. American Accents will measure your house and demonstrate the differences between these siding panels. We only use the top three grades in our projects so you are guaranteed solid siding that is built to last. There are so many different colors and options to choose from to transform your home.​


The American siding industry has expanded hugely the color options for homes. This includes dark color blues, greens, browns, charcoals and light pastels, all of which are designed to keep their color. Our vinyl manufacturers have done an excellent job creating vinyl products that include: solid colored shake, rustic stained shake, stone, stacked stone, brick, raised panel shutters, vertical siding, bead board & much more.


American Accents also makes available the Styrofoam backed structural siding. This type of siding is used to improve energy efficiency by building the Styrofoam insulation onto the back of the panel. We also use this on busy streets to dampen noise. Structural siding is stylish - they come in 6” and 7” in height, and have a deeper edge. The end result is it looks more like real lumber.

The passage of time isn’t always kind to your home. The elements cause wear to painted surfaces. Changing styles can leave your house looking dated instead of charming. Maybe you realize that it’s time for a change but you don’t have the time, patience, or money for extensive renovations. New vinyl siding from American Accents can be a sound investment that revitalizes your home and saves you money.

Types of Siding

Vinyl siding comes in several different grades. We simply refuse to use the lower grades, since their quality isn’t up to our standards. However, as part of your design consultation, we will demonstrate the use of the higher grades of siding, explaining the use and cost benefits of each relative to the others. We want you to make an informed choice, and a smart investment!

Design Elements and Accessories

While most homeowners think of typical horizontal siding, we like to bring all options to the table. Creative materials and careful design choices help to customize each project with a broad range of textures and a vast color palette.

Part of the fun of what we do is the fact that many of the products we use don’t look like vinyl — and, in fact, don’t even look like siding. If you prefer the look of brick, stone, shutters, or any number of other design elements, we’ll help you design and source the perfect look for your home and give it a level of curb appeal that makes you the envy of your neighborhood.

Benefits of Vinyl Siding

In addition to its design flexibility, vinyl siding offers a number of other benefits. It installs quickly. It’s highly durable, while also requiring less maintenance. It’s also more energy efficient than many other exterior home coverings.

These benefits are taken to another level with structural siding. Because it’s backed with styrofoam, it has excellent insulating properties, keeping your home warmer in the winter and keeping cold air in during the hotter summer months. It also has noise dampening properties, making it especially useful on busy streets. And while it looks like popular cement fiber boards — and provides many of the same insulating properties — it does so at about half the cost.

Why American Accents?

We pride ourselves on excellent service and craftsmanship at American Accents. That’s one reason so many homeowners in the Troy, MI area have chosen us since 2010, but it’s not the only one. There’s our experience (each of our installers averages thirty years’ experience), our great ratings on Home Advisor and Angie’s List, our broad service area (we also serve Clinton Township, Macomb, Shelby, and elsewhere in the greater Troy area), and our legion of satisfied customers.

Just as important, our services go far beyond siding to include replacement windows and doors, metal roof installation, and many other exterior improvements. To get started, call Mike Davey at 248-854-2523 or request a quote using our online form.

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