Not every Window company sells entry doors. Why? Because it takes more skill to install, balance, fit and finish an Entry Door. We use a great installer who is downright fussy about the results. He is the best door installer I have seen in 20+ years. And yeah, he installs your windows too.

As for the doors, they are factory direct. We provide Steel and Fiberglass Entry doors. If you have your heart set on a wood door, please consider the fiberglass. They are less maintenance and look great. All of the American Accents pictures shown are real jobs including the beautifully stained fiberglass doors. Of course, we also sell Storm Doors to help with our Michigan climate.



steel doors

Our Steel Doors have a thick 24 gauge steel that bends around the edges for greater strength and security, but also includes a thermal break along the seam for efficiency. One option is to insert a steel frame within the existing jamb, or replacing the existing jamb steel, which provides are customers with a tough and secure door system. So, call for a quote, whether you need a fire rated door leading into your garage, or a front door with luxurious glass and your choice of 12 colors.


fiberglass doors

Direct from the factory we can customize you a beautiful long lasting door. The embossing is deeper and more charming than steel allows. They come in a smooth white or woodgrain finish which can be painted the same 12 colors as steel, but has an additional 6 woodgrain stain colors. Fiberglass doors are quite economical. They tend to be 8-10% more than the same model in the steel, but they Never need to be painted. Call American Accents us so we can help you build a door that is beautiful and fits your budget. P.S. Check out the pictures below these are real customer doors from American Accents.


storm door on door with decorative glass

American Accents uses tough storm doors from Fox Aluminum products in Hazel Park. These doors come in 12+ models and 16 colors, with optional fancy handles to match your style. These doors are durable! I routinely replace Fox doors from the 1960’s and 70’s with a new Fox door. The old ones may be faded, chipped paint, no suspension, but they are Always square and true, because back then and as they do today, the Weld the corners. So if you want a door that will last 40-50 years call us for a quote.

Call us today for a free in home estimate and a no obligations quote! 248-854-2523

Replacement Doors

American Accents is proud of our replacement windows — justifiably, if we may say so. But your windows aren’t the only thing that need replacement, or a bit of extra attention if you’re undertaking Michigan home improvement. Your front door is susceptible to many of the same ravages as your windows, including sunlight, the elements, rot, and simple age. Here are some of the reasons to consider a door replacement, and the ways we make the process easier.

Reasons to Choose Replacement Doors

Let’s begin by looking at some of the reasons you might consider a replacement door:


A door is exposed to sunlight, rain, snow, occasional hail, dirt, dust, and more, so it will start to look aged and worn after a while. That can be reason enough to do a free-standing door replacement, but it’s also worth considering if you’re doing an extensive window replacement, a remodel, or a renovation, so that everything looks consistent, shiny, and new.


You can easily put a new coat of paint on an old door to make it look better. You can even install a new lock and deadbolt if you’re feeling especially ambitious. But paint won’t cover up the weaknesses and possible rot on an old door, and that can compromise your safety and security. Newer doors do a better job of keeping out intruders.

Energy Efficiency

We often think of windows when we think of energy efficiency, and there’s a good reason for that: bad windows can shed a lot of your home’s heat and let a lot of outdoor air in, lowering indoor air quality while they raise your energy bills. But our doors are subject to the same settling and loss of insulation, and they also see a lot more use on a daily basis. That’s why a new door is an energy smart move.


While many wood doors can last for decades, they still require maintenance and even repair on a periodic basis. They need to be repainted or refinished. They can warp over time. Their surfaces can crack or bubble. Modern doors are engineered to require less upkeep, making them an attractive option.

Curb Appeal

You may be the only one living in your home, but you’re not the only one who has to see it every day. Your neighbors will appreciate the new look. And if you’re making a few small improvements in advance of selling your home, a new front door can be a significant help. After all, most homes have a door that’s meant to contrast with the home and make a statement, so a new door can add to your home’s curb appeal.

Picking the Right Replacement Doors

Even though wood doors are still popular, American Accents installs steel and fiberglass doors sourced directly from the manufacturer. We suggest the fiberglass in place of wood because you get the advantages of wood — durability, attractiveness, and a wide range of finish options — without the drawbacks. Because the doors, like our replacement windows, are factory-direct, you’ll pay less for higher quality.

Replacement Doors from American Accents

Whether you’re just replacing a door, or you’re planning an extensive remodel, you’ve probably got questions. We’ve definitely got answers, and we’d love to talk to you. So why not call American Accents for your replacement door (and siding, and replacement window) needs today?

storm door with wood and decorative glass

Close Your Old Door and Install Another

We’ve all heard the same quote in one form or another: when one door closes, another door opens. So when is it time to close the door on your old front door and open another? And what comes next? As is so often the case with house exterior design, American Accents has answers.

Time to Replace Your Door?

Let’s start with a few good reasons to replace your front door.


Nothing lasts forever. This applies to exterior doors, too. They’re often exposed to the elements, meaning they can warp, settle badly in their frames, or even rot. Since your front door is your home’s first line of defense against everything from the elements to intruders, letting it wear out is never a good idea.

Home Damage

But what happens if you decide to just put off front door replacement? To begin with, you may find that your door is harder to close or lock. Put off longer still, a faulty door can lead to damage indoors as well. It can let in moisture, leading to mold and mildew. It lets air in and out even when it’s closed, making your HVAC system work harder. And a worn or damaged door is more likely to let in bugs and other critters.


All that wear and tear also takes a toll on your door’s appearance. We’ve all seen how a door with a fresh coat of paint gives your home a focal point that pulls everything together. But a door that’s cracked, faded, or showing excess wear can make your whole home seem tired.

Replacement Door Benefits

What else happens when you replace your front door? The benefits might surprise you.

Curb Appeal

Since we’ve just finished talking about looks, let’s take a second to consider what a new door does for your home’s curb appeal. A remodel is a great time to replace your front door, since you can choose a material and style that’s the perfect compliment to your exterior siding design. If you’re trying to sell, a new door is a subtle but effective way to refresh your home’s looks. If you’re staying put, your neighbors will appreciate the effort too.

Energy Efficiency

Nobody wants to stuff towels around the door every winter, especially not with the severity of winters in Michigan. A new door can be much more energy efficient, keeping you comfortable year ‘round since it keeps the cold and hot air separated, exactly where you want them. That insulation saves money on your energy bills, and can help defray the cost of a replacement door.


A new door does more than keep the heat or cold at bay. It’s also a good way to safeguard your home, as well as everything and everyone in it, against break-ins. But thieves aren’t your only concern. A strong door can also be an effective fire barrier, which is a good thing to have between your garage and your home’s interior.

Choosing Replacement Doors

There are two considerations when you choose replacement doors. The first is type. American Accents sources steel doors, fiberglass doors, and even storm doors direct from the factory. That means we can vouch for their quality first-hand, and also that we can buy at a savings that we pass on to our customers. When we consult on your project, we’ll help you make the best choice for your goals.

The next consideration is professional door installation, since a door isn’t going to hang itself. We take pride in our installations, since the right fit and balance are crucial for a door that’s as good twenty years from now as it is the day we installed it. Because our installations are so thorough and the steel and fiberglass doors installed by American Accents are lower maintenance, that means more time spent enjoying your home instead of worrying. To learn more about your options, why not contact us today?

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